Scathing Auditors Report on Conservative finances

We recommend you listen to the last item on the Audit & Governance Committee’s agenda on Thurs 20th Oct 2022 – Auditor’s Value for Money Report – as it was a damning indictment on Conservative Cllr Mellor’s time as Leader of the Council. It gets interesting at 3 hours 2 mins until the end:

In response to Poole People Cllr. Mark Howell’s questioning about the beach huts sale proposal which was rejected by government, the auditors:

– Revealed that the government informed the Council of their unhappiness with the proposal in March 2022 but it has taken until September for a Plan B to be developed (even though the CFO admitted that “everybody” knew of the need to prepare one in March);

– Stated that it was a high risk strategy that got even riskier when the government showed their displeasure

– Said that applying for a capitalisation loan as Plan B was “equally risky” and “not a badge of honour”

The auditors also rejected Conservative Cllr Fear’s assertion that the Council was now on track saying they did not have confidence in that statement, and there was “an awful long way to go … in the area of financial responsibility”.

This meeting confirmed how Cllr Mellor and the Conservatives have wrecked the Council’s finances in only two years. As Cllr. Mellor is both Leader of the Council and Portfolio Holder for Finance there is no escaping his recklessness and ineptitude. There are strong parallels with Liz Truss’s administration. Now that the men in grey suits have dispensed with her, perhaps they could find the time to visit BCP.