sign amongst dandelions - pardon weeds feeding bees

Care for people and planet

Interesting to see in some leaflets from other parties claiming that they do support the Climate and Ecological Emergency declaration that we all agreed in 2019 (bar one of 76 Councillors), and yet amongst other things they want to reverse the “Daft Grass Policy” of leaving areas to grow longer. They seem to ignore that these areas support bugs, birds and wild flowers, important to restore habitats.

Dorset Council are doing similar work to encourage bees, butterflies and other insects

The Planet is in crisis, we watch Nature programs from around the world highlighting the plight of ecosystems. In some many cases this is highlighted as a man-made problem, accelerated over the last 2 centuries as humankind has exploited resources more rapidly, and failed to take care of natural system that evolved over many thousands of years.

The Nature-watch programmes bring it closer to home – making space for nature, highlighting what can we all do in our own gardens to reduce the decline in habitats.

Leaving grass to grow on some verges and open spaces for the sake of nature is not “making the space unusable”. Rather it is respecting the need to make a little space for wild flowers and for grasses to provide nectar and seed for birds, bees, butterflies, moths and other insects.

Its an important part of maintaining biodiversity and nature corridors.