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Pushing for referral of CCG plan to Secretary of State

At November's Full Council, the Poole People and Independent Group proposed a motion that the Council send a letter to the Secretary of State expressing the opinion that the transfer of A & E services from Poole Hospital to Royal Bournemouth Hospital would be harmful to Poole’s residents and to residents in general living within the area to be covered by the service and support Dorset Council's request for an independent review.

We also proposed that the Council's People (Health and Social Care) Committee be requested to investigate (a) the impact that congestion is likely have on patient safety, employee wellbeing and visitor convenience for patients, employees and visitors travelling from Poole to the proposed A&E department, maternity unit and other unplanned care units at Royal Bournemouth Hospital; and (b) the ability of the Ambulance Service to cater adequately for all people with serious injuries or conditions needing to get to Royal Bournemouth Hospital quickly.

The Conservatives voted en masse (apart from an abstention from Cllr Stribley) to push my CCG motion to committee - their way of kicking it into the long grass. There is an urgency about this matter because Poole needs to back up Dorset’s reference to the Secretary of State. The action of the Conservatives makes it more likely that the SoS will make a decision before Poole is able to set out its position.

Yet again, the Conservatives in Poole have bowed to the orders of senior members of their party rather than standing up for the interests of their constituents. We do not know whether these orders came from the Bournemouth-focused clique leading the merger of the three councils or the national party, but the result is clear - lives of Poole residents will be lost, and many more people will be faced with longer journeys to hospital.

It is unlikely that the Conservatives will support a referral as the Conservative Chair and Vice-chair of the People (Health & Social Care) Committee both voted against such a referral when it was considered by the Joint Health Committee (a regional body), and because the Conservatives have a majority on that committee. We will though be pushing hard for that committee to make a referral to the SoS.

See the Echo article here: https://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/…/17225239.poole-hospita…/