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Chris Wilson appointed Dementia Champion

Cllr. Chris Wilson is proud to have been given the role of the Borough's Dementia Champion. As part of her role she is keen to encourage others to make a positive difference to people living with dementia in the community and do her best to advocate the message of 'living well with dementia'.

Chris says: "I am meeting with interesting people who are proving to be inspirational in the work they do to support those living with dementia and their carers."

Chris attends bi-monthly meetings of the Dorset Dementia Partnership which is a great opportunity to network and find out what is being done to help and support people throughout the county. In August at the invitation of Poole Hospital of Val Horn, Older Peoples Matron, she was delighted to visit Lulworth ward which has been refurbished specifically with dementia patients in mind.

Chris is excited to have become involved in the Dementia Friendly Communities project in Poole which aims to work with communities to raise awareness, reduce stigma and help them understand the needs and difficulties of those living with dementia. The target area is Poole High Street. Already there are many businesses who are keen to become involved and at the first steering group this month they will be looking at ways of taking this project forward.

If successful this will result in a community which is more inclusive of people with dementia and it will improve the ability of those affected by this condition to remain independent with choice and control over their lives.