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Reviewing Council processes

Poole People believes that Council processes need to become more open and accountable if the Borough is to governed efficiently in these times of economic hardship.

Poole People councillor Sally Carpenter today submitted a motion for consideration by Full Council, seconded by colleague Mark Howell, in the following terms:

“All Councils face major challenges in providing services appropriate to the levels of finance likely to be available in the future. This Council has a need to make significant savings during the period of the MTFP and future years and it is vital that decision-making processes are efficient, effective and representative of community views.

The Council therefore resolves to conduct an in-depth review of its decision making process, including consideration of alternatives to the Leader and Cabinet system, with a view to reinforcing the democratic process and increasing transparency.

The review should begin promptly and be scheduled to be completed in time for any proposed revisions to be adopted by the Council immediately following the May 2015 Council elections. "