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Overflowing bins

The Head of Environmental and Consumer Protection Services at the Borough of Poole has issued a memo to councillors following reports of overflowing bins in some locations due to the good weather which includes the statement:We are designed and resourced to meet predictable demand not peak demand. The latter would be both inefficient and unaffordable.” Poole People does not feel that it is acceptable to allow bins to overflow in times of high visitor numbers as this will inevitably damage the tourism industry and reputation of the Borough. Poole People’s town centre councillors, Mark Howell and Chris Wilson, will therefore be proposing the following motion at the next Full Council meeting.

"The Head of Environmental and Consumer Protection Services (ECPS) at the Borough of Poole has faced a very difficult task in reducing his department's expenditure in order to deliver the cost savings required by the Council as a result of continuing reductions in government funding. The Council recognises the contributions that members of his team have made in maintaining services to date in the context of such reductions.

The hot and dry summer this year has put added strain on the refuse collection service and as a result bins have been overflowing at times in locations used by visitors and residents for leisure purposes. The current approach of ECPS is to tolerate this situation on the basis that it does not have the capacity to meet such spikes in refuse creation. The Council believes, however, that overflowing bins reflect badly on the town and deter tourists from returning. It is essential that high standards are maintained in areas used by visitors as tourism is a key generator of revenue for the Borough. The Borough has unearmarked reserves set aside for exceptional circumstances and the Council directs that, in the case of future spikes in refuse creation, monies are drawn down from such reserves and used to ensure that a high standard of refuse collection is maintained in tourist locations."