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Mark Howell has been selected as Poole People’s candidate for the General Election on 7th May

Poole People Leader and Poole Town councillor Mark Howell has been selected as Poole People's candidate in Poole constituency for the General Election on 7th May.

Poole People is a grassroots party and therefore the Council elections, which fall on the same day, must be our priority. Mark will be defending his seat in Poole Town in those elections. We came to the conclusion, however, that we should give voters the opportunity to vote for Poole People in both ballots.

We know that many people feel that the interests of the people of Poole could be better represented in Parliament. Also, the traditional parties have become disconnected from the public, and no national party has succeeded in offering a compelling vision of the UK's future. We feel that the way to restore confidence in politicians is to reconnect them with the voters who elect them.

Mark says: "I am delighted to have been selected to stand in the General Election. I genuinely believe that I have a good chance of being elected. The public wants politicians to be more accountable, and to work for them, not for bankers or multinationals. Poole People signposts a new way of doing politics built upon localism and independent thinking. Together we can put Poole on the political map."

Find out more about Mark and his views and priorities at:http://www.poolepeople.org.uk/index.php/general-election