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Closure of public toilets

Once again the ill-considered actions of Poole's Conservative administration have attracted national attention: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/…/Tourists-using-gardens-Sandban… Poole People and Lib Dem councillors opposed these toilet closures vigorously because of the detrimental effects that were bound to result. The Conservatives pushed the proposals through, however. A lack of public toilets deters tourists and shoppers, damages the Borough's reputation and limits the ability of people with restricted mobility or certain health issues to live normal lives.


Poole People councillors will be proposing the following resolution at June's Full Council meeting:

"(1) To review the Cabinet's decision to close the toilets taken out of service during the last round of toilet closures pending reconsideration of the appropriateness of the decision by the Place Committee in Autumn 2017 in the light of public opposition, evidence of the consequences of the loss of these amenities to visitors, shoppers and residents, and the negative publicity that the Borough has been subject to;
(2) To re-open the Baiter Park and Sandbanks (Haven) public toilets as quickly as possible, taking any steps necessary on health and safety grounds, and to keep them open for the Summer period and at least until the Place Committee has carried out its review;
(3) Not to proceed with any planned demolitions of public toilets taken out of service during the toilet closure programme pending reconsideration of the appropriateness of such action by the Place Committee."