May 2015 election results

Poole People won three seats in the Poole Council elections on 7 May 2015. Mark Howell retained his seat in Poole Town and was joined by Andy Hadley. Julie Bagwell was elected in Hamworthy West. Unfortunately, Sally Carpenter, Charmaine Parkinson and Chris Wilson lost their seats.

This was always going to be a challenging election for Poole People because it was held on the same day as the General Election. This meant that an additional 35% of the electorate who do not normally vote in local elections did so this time. Naturally, they would have been more inclined to vote for the established national parties. UKIP also polled strongly, attracting some protest votes that might otherwise have come our way. Given these facts, and the swing nationally to the Conservatives, we did well to hold our ground. Although we went into the elections with 4 councillors, Sally Carpenter had moved from the Conservatives to Poole People within the last term so we actually ended up with the same number of elected councillors as we had in 2011.

The 42 Council seats are now distributed as follows:

  • 32 Conservatives
  • 6 Liberals
  • 3 Poole People
  • 1 UKIP

We also put up a strong showing in the other wards we contested. All our candidates would have made very effective Councillors so we are naturally disappointed that some of our team missed out but given the challenges we faced, they did remarkably well. The results are listed ward by ward below and can be viewed in full on the Borough website here.

Poole People’s leader Mark Howell also stood in the General Election. This was partly because we realised we needed to try and maintain the party’s profile amid the General Election coverage, but also to test the electorate’s readiness to vote for local parties. Mark polled 1,766 votes. Although this was initially disappointing, an analysis of the national results revealed that Mark polled the third highest of all local party and independent candidates in England (excluding existing Respect MP George Galloway and a few candidates running on a “Protect the NHS” platform). The full results can be viewed here.

Hamworthy East

Unfortunately our Deputy Leader Charmaine Parkinsion and Lou Knight missed out, coming 4th and 5th respectively in the poll with 697 and 633 votes.

Hamworthy West

We are delighted that Julie Bagwell was elected, coming 2nd in the poll with 1085 votes.


Unfortunately Hugh Todd missed out, coming 6th with 1124 votes.