Poole People is a voluntary organisation dedicated to improving the quality-of-life of the people of Poole.

The Borough of Poole is a wonderful place to live and most of its residents appreciate this. It has, however, a relatively low average income, high property prices and disjointed communities. For many years, it has also been overshadowed by Bournemouth, its boisterous, younger neighbour.

We believe that it is time for the Borough to bounce back. It has the resources – a beautiful harbour, wonderful parks and heathland, and a town centre with multiple development opportunities. For its future potential to be realised, however:

  • the Borough's many communities need to be linked together more effectively;
  • the Council needs to use the Borough's history as a springboard for the re-ignition of civic pride; and
  • innovation and best practice needs become the watchwords of the Council in order to deliver high quality services and attract new businesses to the area.

In order to achieve this we need to empower individuals and voluntary organisations with energy and ideas. See Our Vision.

Poole People is also registered as an independent political party and, despite only being formed in October 2010, already has four Borough of Poole Councillors. Their enthusiasm and commitment to their roles has already had a significant effect within the Council. See Our achievements and Councillors.

Unlike traditional political parties Poole People is grounded within the communities of Poole. We listen and are accountable. We give credit where credit is due and do not engage in tit-for-tat party politics or personal attacks. Our focus is on making good things happen ... and to promote a culture of positivity, collaboration and achievement across the Borough. See Our approach to politics.