Our approach to politics

Poole People is not left or right leaning. We believe this view of politics is out of date and is one reason why people have become disenchanted with the way we are governed. People are more concerned about the quality of decision-making and the efficiency with which services are delivered than political ideology.

The national political parties' domination of local government is unhealthy. Party loyalties and obligations compromise the independence of elected representatives and restrict their ability to act in the best interests of their constituents. Too often this results in blocks of elected members with entrenched positions whose primary aim is the acquisition and maintenance of power.

At Poole People, we believe in building consensus. Political leaders should reach across the chamber for support, rather than falling back on a command and control mechanism within their own groups. If each elected representative is permitted to make his or her mind up about a particular issue, we believe the majority decision is likely to be the right one. Where political parties impose whips or coerce their members to vote according to a party line, decisions are in effect made by a smaller, less representative elite. This distances decision-making from the public, reduces the opportunity for effective scrutiny and increases the chances of a poor decision.

Political groups do though serve a purpose. They enable people with shared values to come together, develop ideas and campaign for their adoption. Poole People provides a group format for independent-minded people who wish to work together for the benefit of Poole.