Our structure

Board and membership

We have a Board of Directors which is elected in an AGM by the members of Poole People. If you would like to join the party, please see our Joining Poole People page.


Mark Howell is currently Leader of Poole Poole. The post is subject to annual election at the AGM.

Policy development and Councillor/candidate's independence

We believe that local politics is best served by parties working together to build consensus, not by going alone and imposing a whip.

Poole People develops policy through consultation with its Councillors, candidates and wider membership. While you can be sure that Poole People representatives agree with our general philosophy, they are free to vote as they feel best serves the interests of their constituents.

Quasi-judicial committees

The Planning and Licensing Committees are both quasi-judicial committees where members should not let party political commitments intervene in the decision-making process.

Currently Julie Bagwell is on the Planning Committee and the Licensing Committee. Poole People does not discuss planning applications or licensing applications respectively with Julie to avoid accusations of predetermination. She is free to vote, considering only the policy framework and other legitimate factors.

Our constitution

You can download a copy of our constitution here.