Our Vision

We believe that the Borough of Poole has unique qualities which, if utilised, can transform the Borough's fortunes and reputation. These include a wonderful harbour, treasured heathland and parks, a rich history, creative universities and a varied mix of businesses and communities.

We look forward to a future where the town centre is redeveloped in a way which makes it a pleasant, attractive and interesting place to be. Poole is not a city and it does not wish to be one. We see the Borough as a series of interlocking communities and we feel the town centre should reflect the diversity of these communities. We need to increase the volume of people living in the town centre to help revitalise the High Street and we need to encourage independent shops, community-focused activities and artistic endeavour.

The Borough needs to sell itself on the national stage. Revitalization of the town centre will help attract new businesses to the town but the benefits need to be spread across the Borough. We need to focus on businesses that can service London from a distance. In particular, this means attracting people who work online in creative industries. Poole's natural assets make it an ideal place for people with these skills to make their home and to entertain clients.

Bringing higher paid jobs to the Borough will help boost disposable income which will benefit people who are already working or seeking employment. However, the affordability of housing also needs to be addressed. We need to be creative in finding opportunities for development of properties for young people and families..

At the centre of our vision is the concept of wellbeing. There are few places in the country which are better placed to encourage residents and businesses to take responsibility for their and their employees' physical and mental health. We look forward to a future where young people are inspired to achieve, individuals with energy and ideas are supported, and community organisations are empowered.

The Borough of Poole can regain its sense of civic pride and be proud of its history while championing innovation and best practice. It does not need to compete with Bournemouth. Rather, the resources of Poole and Bournemouth can be dovetailed, creating a dynamic and rounded conurbation while retaining the towns' distinctive identities.