Twin Sails Gyratory System

Twin Sails Gyratory System: Poole People has continually pressed for a wider review of the whole traffic system between Hunger Hill roundabout and Poole Bridge. We believe that the Council should return to a two way system in West Quay Road with it becoming the primary road for traffic serving the bridges, the port and Hamworthy, and West Street serving the Old Town and Quay areas. This would necessitate a reconfiguration of Hunger Hill roundabout so the main flow from Towngate Bridge and Holes Bay Road is directed down West Quay Road.

The Council has recently produced drawings for three options, its existing plan and two options based on the recommendations of an expert engaged by the Council. These plans are being refined internally at the moment but we are supporting one of the expert's options because of the benefits for pedestrians, cycling and connectivity with the Regeneration Area.