Poole Town

Since June Cllr. Chris Wilson has been heavily involved in this wonderful community project which has involved local residents, particularly those with young families in setting up a garden within the town centre. Many of the young people who come along to help live in the many high rise and low rise flats in the area and so have no garden of their own. It has been a novelty for them to come along and watch things grow and to be able to relish the thought of eating what they have planted!

Chris says: "We started at the beginning of June by planting seeds and now have a wide variety of flowers, herbs and vegetables flourishing in the garden. With the lovely summer we've had there has been much weeding and watering going on, back breaking work at times but also quite therapeutic as I escape from the onslaught of e-mails for a few hours each week!.

Last week we had our harvest of potatoes, I was amazed at how many were dug up and everyone went home with a full bag plus tomatoes and courgettes."