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Cllr. Chris Wilson is proud to have been given the role of the Borough's Dementia Champion. As part of her role she is keen to encourage others to make a positive difference to people living with dementia in the community and do her best to advocate the message of 'living well with dementia'.
Place-shaping is planning terminology for making urban environments pleasant places for people to go about their business. When done well it is a win-win result as slower moving but more constant traffic flows result in less congestion and increased safety for pedestrians and cyclists.
We are pleased to say that Poole Harbour Commissioners have rejected the Hamworthy option and have decided instead to seek an expansion of Poole Quay Boat Haven. While Conservative councillors objected to both locations, we met with the Commissioners and urged them to choose Poole Quay. We did this because we feel that the Quay option will help revitalise the…