Newfoundland Drive 5G mast

Mobile Phone mast blues

Residents of Waldren Close on Baiter Park were really upset when a Mobile phone company shared plans to site a huge 5G antenna very close to their properties, and got in touch with us.

Unusually, there had been a prior informal approach from the company to Ward Councillors in advance of the application, and we had clearly told the representative that the mast would be far better implemented on the Skate Park side of the roundabout on Newfoundland Drive. They chose to ignore this advice. Andy also raised with them how unsightly these masts are, both in colour, and in the range of cabinets that cluster around their base.

So, in response to many complaints, including people who recognised the need for good phone reception, but felt it was sited too close to homes, we highlighted this to the planning officer. We were told that the companies are seldom willing to compromise or listen to dissent, and that the only realistic option was to reject the plan.

Which is what we achieved. Reasons for refusal
– prominent siting
– close to highway junction
– unsympathic design for character and appearance
– impact on established long range views (Poole Park and harbour)
– impact on mature trees
– prejudice highway improvements to facilitate sustainable travel

Had a similar battle and success at the junction of Garland Road and Wimborne Road some while ago, very close to properties, and Longfleet School.