Wordle of comments from public for no-confidence vote

No confidence in Tory tricks

A Public petition came to BCP Council on Tuesday, “We Council Tax payers have lost all confidence in BCP Council’s leader and deputy and we call on them to resign now.” This has over 2000 signatures from local residents.

Lots of comments on why people have signed, with a strong feeling that the Conservative administration led by Cllr Drew Mellor and Cllr Phil Broadhead have dragged the reputation of BCP Council through the dirt, mismanaged finances, promoted self-interest especially around planning and development, and manipulated council processes to their advantage.

Many opposition members spoke about the mismanagement of finances, the deliberate suppression of documents, and the impact this will have on the finances, and the reputation of the Council for the future.

A group of residents have put together this very interesting website covering how the Conservatives are destroying the finances and reputation of this area.