Poole Crematorium update

Poole Crematorium goes back to Cabinet for an outline decision next week. Back in September, the Conservatives were keen to just wait and see how the technology develops over the next 5 years, in particular the move from Gas to Electric cremators.

Councillor Andy Hadley researched and found it was not nearly as novel as their report suggested, and he highlighted at the meeting the need for swifter progress for the community in Poole.


Cabinet agreed to review in 6 months, and that is the decision now. Do we go with

a) doing nothing – taking coffins to Bournemouth (option 1),

b) buying two new gas cremators (option 2),

c) using an existing Electric Cremator manufacturer based in Holland (Option 3), or

d) take the first of type Electric Cremator for a UK manufacturer (Option 4).

Andy spoke at the Place O&S Committee on 1st March 2023 on the plans. Given a full business case needs to be completed before funding is approved, we believe the sensible approach would be to investigate both options for a decision. Others seemed not to recognise the risks of being the first site for a new product, especially potential delays.