Unity Alliance 2019

What have Poole People done for the town ?

In May 2019, when BCP Council was formed, Poole People joined the Unity Alliance, and were able to ensure that the voice of Poole was strongly heard in that administration.

In the 18 months up to October 2020, and even in the face of the initial CoVID challenges, we achieved quite a number of things;

  • secured the purchase of the Power Station site, which had been stalled for 20 years
  • Won a heritage grant, to fund renovation of heritage buildings and street furniture in the Old Town
  • Won an £87M grant from the Government to support Walking, Cycling and Bus travel across BCP
  • Allocated funds for reopening of toilets in Ashley Cross, Poole Quay and Lake Pier, previously closed by the Tories.
  • Declared a Climate and Ecological Emergency, committing the Council to reduce impacts, prepare for more extreme weather events, and protect diversity of wildlife.
  • Won a grant from the Environment Agency for flooding defences around Poole Old town West Quays and Sterte

The balance of power was very close, and unfortunately the Conservatives took control between October 2020 and May 2023. They encouraged the unaligned members to join them by creating new paid Lead Roles using public money. Candidates for Poole Engage were amongst those accepting them.

We have worked hard to highlight the Tories reckless spending ; increasing loans, running down reserves, and creating a beach hut sale scheme described by their own government as a Dodgy Deal.

Poole People Councillors reviewed papers and spoke strongly, often the only opposition representatives at Cabinet and other meetings.

  • in defence of renewing facilities at Poole Crematorium, which the Tories had planned to defer
  • against switching Community Infrastructure Levy funds to be spent only in individual Wards, favouring Canford Cliffs and Central Bournemouth. We had pooled them to support community groups serving wider areas
  • against using BCP Community infrastructure funds for a Nature Park at Bere Regis rather than something which would be more easily accessible to people in the conurbation
  • For pressuring Wessex Water to clean up their act on releasing Sewage into Poole Harbour
  • Against spending £110,000 on a survey for buying Barclays House, an irrational purchase for the Council, that was never explained by the leader.
  • Against bailing out Inland Homes on phase 2 of the Carter Quay Development. The company have now had their shares suspended, and work has ground to a halt.

And many other issues. All of the Cabinet and Council meetings are available to view online.

Poole People are standing candidates in Poole Town, Oakdale, Hamworthy and Parkstone areas, and aim to ensure the best for people living around Poole.