Your councillors

There are currently 4 Poole People Councillors,

Councillor L-J EvansCouncillor Andy HadleyCouncillor Mark HowellCouncillor Pete Miles

L-J Evans – Poole Town

L-J grew up in South Dorset and has lived and worked in Poole since 2004. She loves the area and cannot imagine why anyone would choose to live anywhere else! As a local GP, she gets to see first-hand the effects of social care, transportation and the wider environment on people’s health and wellbeing. She therefore stood for the new BCP Council in 2019 and was elected.

Andy Hadley – Poole Town

Andy was elected as a councillor in Poole Town in 2015 and re-elected in 2019. He has worked tirelessly during that time and helped to solve many of the issues that have been brought to his attention. He has a particular specialism in sustainable transport and was Portfolio Holder for Transportation under the Unity Alliance.

Mark Howell – Poole Town

Mark is Poole People’s founder and current leader. He was elected in Poole Town in a by-election in 2010 and re-elected in 2011, 2015 and 2019. Successes include moving regeneration plans for the Dolphin Centre area forward, securing the re-opening of Baiter toilet block and securing council funding for the Sterte playpark. Under the Unity Alliance he was Deputy Leader of the Council and Portfolio Holder for Regeneration & Culture.

Pete Miles – Oakdale

Pete was born and brought up in Oakdale, has worked on the pilot boats, built his own fishing boat, opened a restaurant in the Old Town, and later founded Dorset Oysters which markets Poole Shellfish to top London restaurants and overseas. He is concerned about the history and interests of people in Poole, and fighting to protect it.

We also work closely with the Alliance For Local Living Independent Councillor;

Felicity Rice – Oakdale

Councillor Felicity Rice

Felicity has lived in Oakdale for the last 10 years, originally as a GP, but moving into public health and starting a community enterprise to promote easy access to electric bicycles and campaign for walking and cycling infrastructure. She is keen to ensure that all voices are heard, and to concentrate honestly on local important issues.

Collectively, within Council, we are the Poole Independents group. Councillor Andy Hadley leads the group.