• Perenco Oil Spill update

    This week, I attended a useful meeting in Wareham for local Councillors with Perenco, who run the Wytch Farm oil field, where we learned much more about the recent Oil leak and what they have been doing to investigate and prevent recurrence.There are 12 sites within the oilfield, with 106 wells. This is a mix…

  • Proud to represent you

    Proud to represent you

    At the BCP Council Elections on 4th May, five Poole People Councillors were elected across 3 wards. We are grateful to all those who voted for us, and we intend to do the best we can for all our residents. In Poole Town, Andy Hadley and Mark Howell were re-elected. Charmaine Parkinson (who had previously…

  • What have Poole People done for the town ?

    What have Poole People done for the town ?

    In May 2019, when BCP Council was formed, Poole People joined the Unity Alliance, and were able to ensure that the voice of Poole was strongly heard in that administration. In the 18 months up to October 2020, and even in the face of the initial CoVID challenges, we achieved quite a number of things;…

  • Winning Funding for Poole Town Centre

    Winning Funding for Poole Town Centre

    The Council has to work in partnership with others to improve the Town Centre, the Heritage Action Zone (HAZ) is a good example. Your Poole People councillors were successful in winning a Historic England HAZ grant for renovations to historic buildings down the high street. Cllr Mark Howell was instrumental in the bid, and Cllr…

  • Getting serious about climate change

    Getting serious about climate change

    A fascinating paid-for advert from the Poole Conservatives, claiming that Mark Howell called on people to downsize their pets. This arose in a debate on Climate Change, where what Mark highlighted was that whilst people are getting more careful about flying and other aspects of life, that the Carbon Footprint over a year of keeping…

  • 15 Minute Neighbourhoods – conspiracy or enabling

    15 Minute Neighbourhoods – conspiracy or enabling

    Having good facilities within easy walking distance is especially important for those without cars, for some that are living with disabilities, for the elderly who find themselves beyond driving, and for those who cannot afford to run a car. For the last 50 years, our towns have increasingly been developed around the motor vehicle. Edge…

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