• Care for people and planet

    Care for people and planet

    Interesting to see in some leaflets from other parties claiming that they do support the Climate and Ecological Emergency declaration that we all agreed in 2019 (bar one of 76 Councillors), and yet amongst other things they want to reverse the “Daft Grass Policy” of leaving areas to grow longer. They seem to ignore that…

  • Loss of Trees at Poole Station Yard

    Loss of Trees at Poole Station Yard

    The Poole People Ward Councillors were attempting to get the Monterey Pine trees in the station yard protected back in 2021, when the short waiting area below them was rendered unusable because the tree-roots had broken up the tarmac, creating a trip-hazard. Cllr Mark Howell wanted a Tree Protection Order (TPO) put in place, and…

  • Pause on redevelopment

    Pause on redevelopment

    In Full Council this week, Poole People Councillor L-J Evans called for a stop to the Conservatives playing Monopoly with taxpayers money. They seemed on a mission to commit several Million pounds to creating Full business cases for projects to turn both Poole Civic Centre, and the Christchurch Civic Offices into Boutique Hotels, with housing…

  • Protest for progress

    Protest for progress

    On 20 March 2023, in the High Court in London, Judge Snow found blocking a road and causing some disruption was deemed proportional to the climate crisis risk and so Felicity Rice and 3 others from a JSO roadblock in London were found not guilty. Non-violent protest has played an important role in moving debate…

  • Urban Transport challenges

    Urban Transport challenges

    Every urban area in the UK has increasing problems of congestion and frustration with getting around. The BCP area has always been challenging to move around, bounded by the sea, and historically being partly Hampshire, partly Dorset, with road systems and bus operations that were not well connected. But congestion has progressively become worse. The…

  • Poole Crematorium update

    Poole Crematorium goes back to Cabinet for an outline decision next week. Back in September, the Conservatives were keen to just wait and see how the technology develops over the next 5 years, in particular the move from Gas to Electric cremators. Councillor Andy Hadley researched and found it was not nearly as novel as…

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